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            Hunan College of information, located in Wangcheng District Changsha City, is the sole public college which is directly under the provincial Committee of Economic and Information Technology. As one of the earlies four vocational colleges approved by the national Ministry of Education, she has been honored as Excellent Institution in the Higher Vocational College Personnel Training Level Assessment sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the provincial Demonstrative College, Hunan Provincial Highly Civilized College, Hunan provincial Garden Institute, the lead institute and Chairman institute of Hunan Information Industry Vocational Education Group, Advanced Institute of Hunan province college enrollment and employment work.

            The college nowadays has over 8000 full-time students, and excellent teaching faculty, with 220 high titled teachers, 154 teachers with master's degree and more, and 74 distinguished teachers. The college has 5 teaching departments, namely Department of Information Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Department, Computer Engineering Department, Economic Management Department, and Basic Course Department.  28 specialties are offered, such as Electronic and Information Engineering Technology, CNC technology, Software Technology, E-Commerce and etc. Computer Applications and Software Technologies Professional Practice Base with the Central finance support is built in the college, and other training bases are provincial Application of Electronic Technology Practice Base, Hunan Automobile Manufacturing Skilled Personnel Training Base, Hunan Province Secondary Vocational Teachers Training Base, Hunan Province Service Outsourcing Talents Training Base, Changsha National Software Industry Base-Software Outsourcing Talents Training Base, National Occupational Skill Testing Center, and No:6 Identification Station of Industrial and IT Electronics Industry.

            The college, by taking order of the idea of "Student Centered", has formed her strategic system with distinctive features and clear hierarchy; by paying great attention to the advancement of learners' quality and the development of individual potential ability, advocating "two-unit-system" school-enterprise cooperation and the college "double bases" talent training mode, has become the ideal cradle of cultivating informationized and new-industrialized skillful talents.  


            Employment rate of the college graduates all along is over 90%. She has established stable employment bases with Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Sunchime, Suning Appliance, Koo Peng, Enginechina, Guangzhou Pacific Link, Huawei Technologies, ZET Corporation and hundreds of enterprises and companies, and has established her Incubation Bases for College Student Enterprising.  

            The college provides the accesses of full-time upgrade from college to university study,  self-study examination, and distance education. She has tied her partnership with over 10 universities and enterprise groups in Britain and in Japan, thus makes students' future advanced study abroad possible.  

            The college offers scholarships, special-hardship fund and student grand. Inadequately funded students can apply for a campus Work-study Program, apart from the student loans according to the nation's related policies.

             by Liu Kejing           

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